Exercise is Medicine

  • Motion is like a lotion for your aches and pains

  • Joints that move result in more lubrication

  • Muscles get stronger and won't fatigue as easily

  • Benefits: less stress and more relaxation

  • Reduced flare ups

  • Improved moods

  • Less anxiety and depression

  • Body produces endorphins that relieve pain


  • Choose an exercise that you enjoy

  • Find someone to be your exercise buddy

  • Consider some aerobic exercise

  • Acknowledge that some discomfort with exercise is acceptable

  • Avoid exercise which causes pain and discomfort that increases going up and down legs or arms

  • Start slowly

  • Be consistent

  • Understand that you will have some good days and some not to good days

  • Pace yourself with increasing exercise volume and then intensity.

  • Find an accredited program. Continue to check back to this site for recommendations.

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga