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I'm a male, retired university dean/professor, well-educated formally (Ph.D., M.B.A., M.S., B.A. state university degrees), author of eight published books (none self-published), and substantial travel during my pre-retirement employment years (United States: all fifty states, international: thirty-three countries).

Psoriatic Arthritis was diagnosed for me in early 2014 (by the exclusion of other likely autoimmune ailments, after "a zillion medical tests" at the start of 2014). This diagnosis included two eight-week treatment sessions of multiple serious medications, after which, in early 2014, I began weekly self-injections of prescription Enbrel 50 mg. Both my psoriatic arthritis (seemingly in remission since 2014) and my Enbrel medication weekly self-injections continue currently.

Migraine headaches (serious classic migraine headaches that begin for me with visual aura around ten or so minutes, followed by half-body numbness around fifteen to twenty or so minutes, followed by extreme pain in one side of my head, etc.) have been an ailment of mine seemingly all my life, with my first migraine headache that I recall currently was back on a birthday of mine back in second or third grade elementary school years. Starting in late 2015, I began to take as-needed (at the time of perceptible onset of a migraine headache) pills/tablets of prescription Sumatriptan 100 mg. Both my migraine headaches and my Sumatriptan medication taken as-needed (at the time of perceptible onset of a migraine headache) continue currently.

On a personal dimension (unrelated to my medical-physical ailments), if you wish to know a bit about me:  

(1) simply go to Amazon (, enter my name (gordon patzer), and hit enter, you will be taken typically to an Amazon website location where various people/businesses (not me, but Amazon and various people/businesses) are selling my eight published books (all non-fiction books, none self-published) with six (6) concerning the psychology and sociology of physical attractiveness and two (2) concerning marketing strategy, with the best-selling titled, "LOOKS: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined."

--- or---

(2)  simply google my name (gordon patzer) and that google search will typically locate a substantial number of hits citing my name and my "physical attractiveness phenomenon" / "looks matter" research, writing, etc.



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