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COVID-19 Effect on Chronic Pain & Its Toll on Families

Interview with Dr. Ellen Lin of

Myths about Chronic Pain

Interview with Dr. Penn Wickersham of 

Yoga & the Importance of Exercise

Interview with Nydia Tijerina Darby of                                                     and Terri Boggess, Phd


Interview with 

Social Support & Support Groups

Interview with                                     from

CBD and Ketamine

Interview with Dr. Penn Wickersham of 

Coping Exercises & Art Therapy

Interview with                                    ,  Art Therapist

Feeling Overwhelmed in the Era of COVID-19

Interview with Jennefer Sutton and Rebecca Christopherson

Relaxation Techniques & Mindfulness

Interview    with 


COVID-19 and Summer 2020

Interview  with Dr. Anil T. Mangla, Epidemiologist

Supplements and Chronic Pain

Interview with Dr. Pendleton Wickersham Dr. Marianne Pinkston

The Role of Acupuncture in Chronic Pain

Interview with Scot Taylor

New Innovations in Chronic Pain

Interview with Dr. Ellen Lin of Advanced Spine and Pain Center

Wounded Warrior 

Interview with Israel Del Toro, AF Sr. Master Sgt. (Retired)

Pet Therapy and Medical Equipment for People Living with Chronic Pain

Interview with Maurice Hawkins and Dr. Rod Jouppi

Health and Wellness for Chronic Pain

Interview with Kimberly Beasley

Chronic Pain and the Risk of Suicide

Interview with Dr. Deuter of Sigma Mental Health Urgent Care

Support Groups, Patients, and Families

Interview with Sheila Brown with Warm Springs Connectability and Rebecca Christopherson, RN, M.S.S.W.

Real Stories of Chronic Pain Warriors

Interview with Tina Peterson, Aidan Christopherson, and Rebecca Christopherson

Chronic Pain and Families

Interview with Dr. Julie Strentzsch

Healing With Humor

Interview with Comedian Cleto Rodriguez

Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain Relief

Interview with Dr. Micheal Golab

The Stigma of Living with Chronic Pain

Interview with Physician and Chronic Pain Warrior Dr. Marianne Pinkston

Tibetan Mind Body Practices for Health and Well-Being

Interview with Alejando Chaoul

Modern Natural Medicine For Supporting Chronic Pain

Interview with Dr. Tierona Low Dog, Co-Founder of Rightful

Physical Therapy to Treat Chronic Pain

Interview with Dr. Edwin Serrano

Can I Receive Disability for Chronic Pain?

Interview with Brooke Bure of Packard Law Firm

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